Network Rail – Production of Design Guide

by | Apr 3, 2022

Network Rail required specialist parking advice to allow them to create a new design guide intended to inform potential investors of their requirements for new car parks at railway stations.

We drafted the new guide which included advice setting out the guiding principles of good car park design, the basics of space planning, and the importance of accessibility and inclusivity.

The guide contains recommendations to ensure buildings are constructed and operated in a sustainable way, including future developments in digitisation and data, EV charging and energy management. The future-proofing theme was further explored as new car parks design should consider the requirements of a mobility hub as a community asset and maximise the potential for future repurposing of buildings for transport and other uses.

The guide also covers good practice in construction and finishes along with considerations relevant to the choice and installation of car park systems including lifts, lighting, and security, and those controlling pedestrian and vehicle access/payments.


Design Manual NR/GN/CIV/200/12 “Third Party Funded Railway Car Parks” was published in June 2021